Led by an award winning team of builders and interior designers, Improve DIY was created in 2009 by a like minded group of home improvement professionals shortly after the global housing collapse. 

Experiencing the hardship firsthand and even seeing people lose their homes, we wanted to dedicate our energy to helping Americans cherish and feel good about their homes again - no matter where that home may be.

Because after all, your home is where many of your most important memories will happen. Our aspirations stretch far beyond our local hometowns so we decided to embark on a journey to serve Americans all across the country.

Having personally experienced many contractor horror stories throughout our careers, it has become our goal to teach homeowners how to save time and money with every home improvement project - without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

The art of DIY is simple. Simply buy the material yourselves and make a fun learning experience out of the installation process (or hire a local handyman for less.)

Our mission is simple. To make the home finishing process easy and fun with the highest quality products and most seamless online ordering experience known to man.

With over 150 years of combined home improvement experience, we have batted supply chain challenges, stressed over long lead times and project deadlines, and debated on which design to choose...

Improve DIY was formed with one goal: To make the home finishing process as easy as possible by curating an exclusive catalog of easy-to-install home finishes that are inspired by timeless design.

P.S. We are always here, whether it’s through email, sms, chat or by phone.

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